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Narendra Patil
Flying Low - Workshop

Datum: 10. & 11. Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 13:00 - 15:30h 

Tage:  3

Studio: 2

Yoga Morning Routine for dancers

05.-11.09. 08.30-09.30h


After more than 14 years as a close follower of David Zambrano, I will share a series of phrases and exercises which experiment on the Flying Low principles. Flying Low classes focus mainly on the dancer’s relationship with the floor. The class utilizes simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed, and the release of energy throughout the body to activate the relationship between the centre and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centred state. There is a focus on the skeletal structure that will help improve the dancers' physical perception and alertness. The class includes partnering work and movement phrases, which explore the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion.

Biography Narendra Patil

Narendra Patil is a performer, teacher, and choreographer from India. He is a movement specialist in IndYog-Contemporary, Martial Arts, Improvisation, and Flying Low. Co-founder and artistic director of Sanskar Global Platform for Performing Arts, India. Narendra graduated from Terence Lewis Dance Foundation Scholarship Trust in India. He has been a principal performer, teacher, and assistant choreographer at Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company for 10 years in Mumbai. Narendra studied Okinawa martial arts and also completed a Yoga teachers training course from “The Yoga Institute” India, the oldest organized yoga center in the world. Narendra is the first Indian contemporary dancer who has studied under David Zambrano as a part of an EXIN 30 days intensive workshop on Flying Low and Passing Through technique in Berlin, Madrid, and Corfu. He participated in David Zambrano’s "60 days intensive improvisation workshop" at TicTac Art Centre, Brussels. His experience training under the stalwarts of Martial arts, Contemporary dance in India and Europe inspired him to create and develop his own dance vocabulary called IndYog-Contemporary. Narendra is currently working as an independent artist in India and abroad.


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