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Felix Landerer

Datum - 05.- 07.Sept 2022

Uhrzeit - 19-21:30h (05.+ 06.09)

16-18:30 (07.09)

Tage - 3

Studio - Studio 1

Investigation into composition and existing repertoire of Felix Landerer

In this workshop participants will, broadly speaking, be investigating the movement language, choreography and compositional approach of felix landerer. it is a physical language which emphasizes specificity of initiation points, the use of the spine as a synthesizer of action, the value of a useful relationship with the floor and a playful search for the details and dynamics that give movement it’s communicative potential. in addition, the workshop will cover various elements of composition and will allow space for the participants to explore their own autonomous creative decision making. 


Felix Landerer ist the artistic director and resident choreographer of his own company Landerer&Company and currently artistic director of the Tanzpakt Project OCN. He has been and is working as a guest choreographer for companies like NDT, Ballet BC, Gothenburg Dance Company, Scapino Ballett Rotterdam, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Konzert Theater Bern and others. In 2010 he won the international choreography competition in Hannover and in 2017 he won the City of Hannover Cultural Award for outstanding cultural achievement in the city of Hannover.


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