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Datum: 09. Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 19:00 Uhr

Alfred Döblin Platz - Open-Air


Wonderground Company // Contemporary and Urban Dance Performance// Open-Air

“RISE is an invitation to move beyond what we can experience alone to what we can experience together. By turning a space into a ritual of transformation; ordinary appears as extraordinary and the distant as familiar. Any square, any street, any little corner can unfold stories full of imagination, intimacy, wonderings and dance.”

Wonderground Company - More

WONDERGROUND is a vehicle for sharing performance art, contemporary dance and pedagogy through movement, with professional as well as non-professional practitioners and audiences from all around the globe.

As artists, choreographers and dancers Roser and Tom are driven by their fascination of the depth movement and dance can provide.


Their artistic research focuses on the co-existence between the personal stories that the body holds and the accumulated human experience.

They communicate through a unique performative language that emphasizes physical expressions, pure motion and poetic landscapes. This interplay is unique in each dance piece and artistic project. WONDERGROUND understands art as an essential transformative experience.



Creation and interpretation: Roser Tutusaus & Tom Weksler

Original sound: Miguel Marin Pavon

Choreography Assistent: Marta Dalmau Graupera

Production: Wonderground Company

Original Music: Miguel Marin Pavon

Additional Music: Nicolas Jaar

International Communications: Katherina Vasiliadis

ARTISTIC COLLABORATORS: Orit Nevo, Oryan Zacks, Spela Vodev


SUPPORTED BY: Circuit Est-Centre Choregraphique Montreal, Maison pour la danse de Quebec, Me'ever Mitzpe Ramon a Israel, Aula de Teatre i Dansa de Matar6, On Contemporary Circus Creation de Israel, Centre Cfvic de la Barceloneta


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