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Victor Rottier

Date: 11. - 13.Sept 2023

Time: 09 - 11 pm

Days - 3

Studio - Studio 1

Callas and Analysis with Victor Rottier

In these days you will be challenged by a combination of floor work, improvisation and set material. The focus lies on continuation and overlapping movements to create a fluid-like quality.
Aside from pushing boundaries the goal is to provide technical tools to support you while digesting new information. I believe in a highly physical but sensitive and practical approach to create a base on which we can take risks.
This class is aimed to make you think, sweat and groove to hand picked tunes and space filling phrases.
I hope to see you there!


Victor Rottier, Born in the Netherlands, received his education from Artez university of the arts Arnhem, The Netherlands. Victor is currently working as freelance choreographer, director and teacher.

2013 - 2014 he worked as a member of the poetic disasters club with club guy & roni in Groningen, The Netherlands.
From 2014 - 2018 Victor was a full time ensemble dancer with Staatstheater Kassel and performed pieces from Johannes Wieland, Hofesh Shechter, Maxime Doyle, Tom Weinberger & Helder Seabra. He was working as Rehearsal director & choreographic assistent along side Johannes Wieland until 2022.

His last pieces ‘greywax 140’ and ‘Sea of Cowards’ premiered in Linz, Austria and Bern, Switzerland in the beginning of 2023.
As a teacher he tours his workshops ‘SLAM!’ and ‘Callus & Analysis’ throughout contemporary dance festivals in Europe.

Victor is working closely with dance educations to teach workshops, create pieces and is a work field coach for last year student of Artez university of the arts in The Netherlands.


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