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Frei Art Festival Programm 2022

Hier wird in Kürze das Programm veröffentlicht!!!

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Joy Alpuerto Knight

Denis Kuhnert_Joy_portrait.jpeg

Performance details:

14.09.2021 - 8 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte

15.09.2021 - 9 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte

"Old EGOS"

In a world with many possibilities and choices, we can get lost in what we really want.

The way we are treated by our parents, family, friends, or other authorities shapes our personality and we are used to controlling our emotions and social behavior. Also in daily life we try to adapt, transform, change and wear an imaginary mask in order to function and fit in society.

What if that mask takes over? Are we aware of this? Can we control the changes we make? What do we really feel? Are we expressing ourselves authentically or are we trying to meet other people's expectations?


In the 30-minute performance of Alter Egos, Joy uses the concept of embodying multiple personalities. Transformation between different worlds and minds through the use of different dance techniques, styles and facial expressions.  

Marcos Marco


Performance details:

16.09.2021 - 7 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte

September 18, 2021 - 7 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte

"Into the White"

"Into the" White "deals with the need to question ourselves about the over-information situation we are currently living in.

Have we lost ourselves in a world engulfed in over-information? Incessant news bombardment. We moved this weight without measure, without limitation. We answer questions that don't exist with pocket answers. We look for invisible problems. We have become our worst enemy. Though luckily we want to believe that we still have a hint of hope. The fragile connection with our deepest selves could be escape. A presence that watches over us. My hand is yours

Nadine Gerspacher &
Arias Fernandez

Ever After.jpg

Performance details:

16.09.2021 - 9 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte

"Ever After"

Joel is a shy and clumsy man with a big heart. His problem? He has no one to share it with. Years go by and Joel keeps dreaming of this woman who opens his eyes to the present and transforms his gray days into unforgettable melodies. Today Joel can be lucky: Lin crosses his path and her life changes with a single look, with a sweet hello ... A unique encounter, a romantic story with a contemporary look, in which fantasies and love in their different ways with the harshness of the reality, our loneliness and forgetfulness.

Nadine Gerspacher and Nicolas Ricchini created “A Sweet Hello” in 2015 for street and unconventional spaces that inspired “Ever After”, which premiered in 2017 and brings together physical theater and contemporary dance with subtle but effective hints of humor.

This show was selected by INAEM, a cultural initiative of the Spanish government, for the PLATEA 2018 catalog.

Iron skulls


Performance details:

September 17, 2021 - 9 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte


Sinestesia presents a post-apocalyptic world in which experimental dance forms a group of survivors and begins a journey to a safe area. Hip hop, acrobatics and contemporary dance merge into a language in which humans and animals connect and invite the audience to a game of sensory interference. A state in which someone experiences things with his senses in an unusual way, for example by experiencing a color as a sound or a number as a position. Look forward to a very special trip.

Direction & Choreography: Iron Skulls Co.

Performers: Luis Muñoz, Facundo Martin, Adrián Vega, Moisés “Moe”, Héctor Plaza “Buba” & Diego Garrido.


Spellbound_Yes, of course it hurts_PhotybyCristianoCastaldi_300dpi (8).JPG

Performance details:

September 18, 2021 - 5 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte

September 19, 2021 - 5 p.m. - Studio Pro Arte

"Yes of course it hurts"

Yes, it naturally hurts "comes from a strong impression from reading the wonderful poem of the same name by Karin Boye, a deep and acute reflection on the need for pain in our lives as a moment of transmutation and the understanding of its inevitability. A pain that has already accompanied us, but we do not have to fear it, because in this moment, in which we are freed from the fear of pain, we create our world.


Mauro Astolfi

Sara Jiménez


Performance details:

17.09.2021 - 6 p.m. -Alfred Döblin-Platz

"Variaciòn a tiempo"

The production VARIACION a tiempo invites you to reflect on the passage of time.

The willingness to create a dissociation between time and space in artists is strengthened by François Cheng's idea of emptiness as a creative force.

Emptiness is the space in which movement becomes possible. In choreography

we see scenes without narration that have been torn from their temporality.

In music, the emptiness, which is mainly represented by silence, gives rise to spaces that allow musical notes to sound.

VARIACION a tempo is a search for the moment that is elusive  is.

Agnés Sales & Héctor Plaza

agnes und buba show.jpg

Performance details:

September 18, 2021 - 5 p.m. -Alfred Döblin-Platz

September 19, 2021 - 5 p.m. - Alfred Döblin Platz

"Blue Monday"

Blue Monday deals with human relationships as humans need them and depend on them; and with the need to support others while we are barely supporting ourselves. 

Intimacy, symbiosis, dependency and transformation are a few words that define Blue Monday. This is the third piece that Agnés Sales and Héctor Plaza have created together.  


It was developed during the Back to the Lab project and sponsored by the Breakin 'Convention Festival, held at Sadler's Wells Theater in London. 

Frantics Dance Company


Performance details:

September 18, 2021 - 8:30 p.m. -Alfred Döblin-Platz


This work plunges right into the actors' deepest stories amid a constant flow of events.
Thoughts collapse and freeze, stretch and accelerate, are destroyed and rebuilt.

The viewer witnesses how the story of the actors dissolves and merges with a unique, energetic and delicate physicality.
“Last Space” is a journey into the unconscious of Frantics.
“Space”, an excerpt from the piece, won first prize in Burgos New York 2020 and second prize in the 34th Hanoverian choreographic competition.

Duo ComicCasa

Duo ComicCasa 1.JPG

Performance details:

Sep 18, 2021 - -Alfred Döblin-Platz

Duo Comicasa- Bio

"Street Theater Show"

Herman & Henriette, two cleaners who mainly work behind the scenes, are surprised by the audience.


After the initial shock, they find that they even enjoy being in the spotlight and creating a terrific circus show with everyday items.


The two sympathetic, crazy characters Herman & Henriette create an atmosphere in which nothing is impossible with their unique style of physical theater and acrobatics.


A show with a lot of humor, charm and surprises .

Diamond dust


Performance details:

17.09.2021 -Alfred Döblin-Platz

Diamond Dust - Bio

"Night owls"

The dance production takes place at night in a bar and shows itself with all its emotions. People of different characters meet each other, who go through ups and downs together or alone during this night. The bar takes the night owls on an emotional rollercoaster ride of euphoria, ecstasy, eroticism and aggressiveness, of togetherness and loneliness. 


Denis Kuhnert_Joy_portrait_edited.jpg

Joy Alpuerto Knight

Akram Khan repertoire

Workshop details:

16th-09/18/2021 - 9.30-12: 15h

Studio Pro Arte  

3-day workshop

Starting with a warm-up developed using Akram's movement vocabulary, participants can explore their own creativity through exercises and tasks with a focus on rhythm, speed, cycles and silence. The workshop will evolve into learning choreographic phrases from two highly acclaimed productions from the Akram Khan Company's repertoire, Until the Lions and iTMOi (in the mind of igor).


Elvis Val

"Choreographic Workshop"

Workshop details:

13-15.09.2021 - 9.30 a.m.-12.15 p.m.

Studio Pro Arte  

3-day workshop

Elvis Val will convey the practical elements of neoclassical dance in the field of choreography.

The sensitive, technical and artistic elements of the art of dance are experienced in a neoclassical context. The physicality in the structure of time and space is examined with the inspiring aspects of Elvis Val.


Including showing on 15.09. at 7 p.m.

Bruno_blaues Bild_edited.jpg

Bruno Genty

"Choreographic Workshop"

Workshop details:

13-15.09.2021 - 1.15pm-4pm

Studio Pro Arte  

3-day workshop - all levels

In the 3-day workshop we jointly explore the connection between breathing and movement, the individual quality of interpretation  of each body, as well as the relationship between dance technique and  Expression. Bruno sets himself a goal through his special  Approach the participants new insights into their own  to create artistic potential, to expand it and  to develop further. The seminar is aimed at everyone  Dancers with previous experience who want a new type of movement and  want to discover inner expression for yourself, your technique  want to develop to a deeper understanding of movement too  Receive.  

Bruno Genty will be a wonderful companion with his devoted teaching and his interest in people in motion.

Kenan 3 .jpeg

Jose Agudo

Contemporary dance

Workshop details:

13-15.09.2021 - 9:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Studio Pro Arte

 3-day workshop


Joses  contemporary technique course is fast paced and aims to improve endurance through precise and simple movement patterns. The principles of the class are shaped by a variety of traditional forms such as Kathak, Flamenco and martial arts, which are brought into a contemporary dance context. The first warm-up is followed by more complex movement material with a focus on detail and dynamics. Jose often uses counts to affect the dynamics of movement and spins to activate the core.


After warming up, the participants will get to know the repertoire from Jose's new tour production by Carmen and will have the chance to see it on September 15th. to perform on the festival stage.


Sara Jiménez


Workshop details:

September 15 & 16, 2021 - 1:15 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Studio Pro Arte

2-day workshop

Sara Jiménez will convey the language of flamenco in her wonderful way.

We communicate with a body that is attuned to the Flamenco spirit and the language of the rhythms and will let the physical and percussive expression characteristic of this discipline flow.

An evolutionary process that works from within; sensory and sensitive, passive and active, musically and physically.

Sara Jiménez will support the participants in discovering more of themselves through the continuous search for the “Bailaora personality”.


Nadine Gerspacher

"Catching limits"

Workshop Details:

Date: 18. - 19.09.2021
Time: 09:30 -12:15Uhr
Studio Pro Arte


Nadine´s work explores contemporary dance, incorporating movement tasks and situations that playfully connect people and focus on the energetics of body language. The class consists of exercises to awaken the body and generate awareness of the entire physical instrument. Attention is given to breath, joint articulation, muscle tone and stability to improve physical strength. Nadine invites students to participate in technical exercises , including floor work , games and challenging phrase composition.  Students learn to activate and ground their center in a way that allows them to experience optimal freedom in their movement. Guided improvisations and games highlight the class activities to support playfulness and creativity in movement and expression. Nadine generates a warm atmosphere and inspires students to work intelligently and push the edges of their limits. 


Agnés Sales & Héctor Plaza 

Movement approach

Workshop details:


16. & 17.09.2021 - 1.15pm-4.00pm

Studio Pro Arte

2-day workshop

Wherever Agnés and Buba dance, they enchant people. This is also the case in their workshop, in which they approach urban dance from their own perspective.

They accompany their participants on an individual journey towards inner movement. In particular, elements of floor work, acrobatics, movement and partnership are incorporated.

They focus on creating and transforming

Movements to make them both original and natural.

In their teaching, Agnès and Buba particularly emphasize the value of the continuous process.

Victor Rottier by Kim Doeleman.jpg

Victor Rottier

Callas and Analysis

Workshop details:

13 & 14.09.20201 - 1:15 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Studio Pro Arte

2-day workshop


This workshop is for those who want to strike a balance between hard and smart work. A technical and physical approach, peppered with improvisation, set movement and analytical tasks. In these 2 days we analyze the how, what and why in order to make a point of our performance. We will create a space to explore and share ideas as we push our limits.

It will take us 6 hours to run, jump, dive, fly, fall and get up to keep going.

Don't forget that all of this is accompanied by 100% sun-charged and handpicked melodies to groove!

Portrait_Jonas Onny_2.jpg

Jonas Onny

"The Body Riddim"

Workshop Details:

Date: 17.09.2021
Time: 13:15-16Uhr

Studio Pro Arte


Die Body Riddim Practice ist eine energetische Mischung aus Bewegungen und Rhythmen aus afrikanischen Tänzen, kombiniert mit zeitgenössischer Bodenarbeit, akrobatischen Elementen und Spielen, die das Rhythmusgefühl, die Koordination und die Beweglichkeit herausfordern. Mit unterschiedlichen Dynamiken spielen, Freude am Erforschen von Bewegungs- und Rhythmusmustern finden, das Bewusstsein für den Körper, den Raum in und um ihn schärfen und gleichzeitig eine Umgebung schaffen, in der die Teilnehmer befähigt werden, von sich selbst und anderen zu lernen und nützliche Dinge in ihrem eigenen Leben anzuwenden und Praxis sind die Ziele des Workshops


Iron Skulls Company

Theatrical breakin

Workshop details:

17.09.2021 - 9.30 a.m.-12.15 p.m.

Studio Pro Arte

This workshop teaches the technical evolution of the collective's body language. To do this, we will examine the fundamental aspects that support the collective's unique identity. We will work on developing tools to help break down or blur what the company is known for. The aim is to find a meeting place between urban dance, contemporary dance, butoh and martial arts. From here we will make it easier to learn the most important aspects of our practice: dissociation and coordination, groundwork, acrobatics, interpretation and collaboration in a group dynamic through partner exercises.

Workshop Agnes und Buba.jpg

Agnés Sales & Héctor Plaza 

Movement Approach

Workshop Details:

Date: 16. - 17.09.2021
Time: 13:15-16Uhr

Studio Pro Arte


Wo immer Agnés und Héctor tanzen verzaubern sie die Menschen. So auch in ihrem Workshop, bei dem sie sich aus ihrer eigenen Sicht des Urban Dance nähern.

Sie begleiten ihre Teilnehmenden bei einer individuellen Reise zur inneren Bewegung. Dabei fließen insbesondere Elemente der Bodenarbeit, Akrobatik, Bewegung und Partnerschaft ein.

Sie konzentrieren sich auf das Erschaffen und Transformieren von

Bewegungen, um sie sowohl originell als auch natürlich zu gestalten.

In ihrer Lehre bezeichnen Agnès und Héctor besonders den Wert des kontinuierlichen Prozesses.

Foto Workshop.jpg

Danae & Dionysios

Community Performance Workshop

Workshop details

16-19.09.2021 - 1.15pm-6pm

House 37- Alfred Döblin Platz

Performance: 19.09.2021 - 6pm


4-Days-Performance Project - For Professionals and Non-Professionals  (Open level)


Danae and Dionysios will use various techniques to challenge their participants to better control body and mind. They expose the body to movements focused on returning it to its previous forms and aiming for a balance between our original selves and its evolution. As they play with different rhythmic patterns, they invite the participants to become more aware of their movements and to experiment in unusual ways.


Felix Landerer

Resistance structure in motion

Workshop details:

September 18 & 19, 2021 - 1:15 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Studio Pro Arte

2-day workshop

In this workshop the participants examine roughly the language of movement, choreography and the compositional approach of Felix Landerer. It is a physical language that emphasizes the specificity of initiation points, the use of the spine as a synthesizer of action, the value of a useful relationship with the ground, and a playful search for the details and dynamics that give movement its communicative potential. In addition, the workshop will cover different elements of composition and give participants space to explore their own autonomous creative decision-making.

Spellbound_Yes, of course it hurts_PhotybyCristianoCastaldi_300dpi (4).JPG

Spellbound Company

Repertoire workshop

Workshop details

19.09.2021 - 9.15 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Studio Pro Arte


There is no culture in which dance is not part of the custom. Dance is the expression of feelings, it can happen spontaneously, it shows ability if it is skillfully performed according to a strict set of rules, and it can be an ambassador for foreign cultures. But above all, dance connects us through passion and a love of music and movement. The choreographic workshop of the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet is all about the artistic language of its director Mauro Astolfi. Dancers from the company will provide the participants with choreographic material from the ensemble's current repertoire.



Arias Fernandez

Krump workshop

Workshop details

September 18, 2021 - 1:15 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Studio Pro Arte


During this workshop we will meet Krump. As a style and culture, understanding the 'why' of this raw dance.

Basics moves will be explained, hype, session, character, etc. and maybe some battles can happen during the workshop for the student to experiment the rootz of this dance as close as the student want.

Arias Fernández aka Joker is also a contemporary dancer and theater performer, so he has a special extra point of view about the movement and conexion of Krump with other ways of moving. Get ready to express your real you thru KRUMP!

kalli tic 3.jpg

Kalliopi Tarasidou - Kali

Waving and Movement technique

Workshop details

19.09.2021 - 9.15 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Studio Pro Arte


The technique of the waving style is further developed in various conceptual exercises.

During the lesson, participants are guided through the improvisation using movement tools and concepts such as threading, tracing, snakes, fixed points and much more. It is learned to apply the various concepts in space by exploring body movement, flow and groundwork.

The aim is to find new movement qualities and ideas in order to express them personally and individually.

Kalliopi's workshop is aimed at all dancers who are interested in the technique of waving, regardless of the dance style.


Free Art Festival -Open Air

September 17-19, 2021

Alfred Döblin Platz - Freiburg / Vauban

Workshops - concerts - taking part - celebrating - performances




The current program for the Frei Art Festival - Open Air can be found here soon.

Open Air

Familienprogramm & Mitmachworkshops

Workshops, Performances, Tanzprojekte


17. - 19. 09.2021 auf dem Alfred Döblin Platz in Freiburg Vauban

Egal ob Ballett, Jazz-Dance, Eltern-Kind-Tanzen oder Breakdance - wir laden Euch während des

Frei Art Festivals neue Stile und Tanzarten auszuprobieren, für Tänzer:innen von Klein bis Groß. 


16.30 Uhr Mitmachworkshop Jazz Dance

17.00 Uhr Mitmachworkshop Handstand lernen in 30 Min.


11.00 Uhr Mitmachworkshop Ballett von klein bis groß

13.00 Uhr Mitmachworkshop Streetdance

14.00 Uhr Mitmachworkshop Improtheater

15.00 Uhr Großer Kinderparkour & Kinderbattle


10.30 Uhr Mitmachworkshop Eltern-Kind-Tanzen

13.00 Uhr Mitmachworkshop Handstand lernen in 30 Min.

13.30 Uhr Mitmachworkshop HipHop/Urban Dance

14.00 Uhr Großer Parkour & Jam Session


Tanzprojekt für Kinder vom 13.-16.09.2021

Für Kinder von 3-6 Jahren und 6-10 Jahren bieten wir während des Festivals ein tolles Tanzprojekt an. Die Kinder erarbeiten kleine Choreografien zusammen mit unseren erfahrenen Tanzpädagog*innen und Tänzer*innen im Studio Pro Arte.

Das Projekt richtet sich an Kinder die bereits im Studio Pro Arte tanzen, aber auch an interessierte Kinder, die Lust haben etwas neues auszuprobieren. 


17.-19.09.2021 - Alfred Döblin Platz

Zirkus und Comedy, Konzerte, Performances, Breakdanceshows und ein tolles Angebot mit Essen und Trinken - vom 17.09. bis zum 18.09.2021 begrüßen Euch die "Floor LegendZ", "Anita Bertolami, "Duo Comicasa", La Nefera, The Brothers und viele Andere auf dem Pgroßen Platz im Stadtteil Vauban in Freiburg.  

Kinderparcours und Kinder Dance Battle

18.09.2021 - Alfred Döblin Platz

Parcours ist eine Sportart und Straßenkunst, bei der die Stadt zum Spielplatz wird. Wir wollen euch die Faszination dieser tollen Art sich fortzubewegen näher bringen.

Mit dem Kinder Dance Battle geben wir den Kleinen die Chance auf die Bühne zu kommen und erste Erfahrungen im Streetdance zu sammeln.


Beginn Samstag um 15 Uhr 


Offene Workshops für Jugendliche und Erwachsene

18. - 19.09.2021 - Studio Pro Arte

Mit den offenen Workshops für Jugendliche und Erwachsenen wollen wir Euch die Möglichkeit geben in unser vielfältiges künstlerisches und tänzerisches Programm reinzuschnuppern. Vorerfahrung ist nicht erforderlich:

10-11 Uhr - Contemporary Dance (all Levels)
11-12 Uhr - Body Awareness (all Levels) 

12-13Uhr - Hip-Hop Musicality (all Levels)



10-11 Uhr - Ballett (all Levels)

11-12 Uhr - Body Awareness (all Levels)

12-13 Uhr - Jazz Dance (all Levels)

Outliers Dance Battle

September 18, 2021 - 6-10 p.m.

Alfred Döblin-Platz / Big Stage / Outdoor

On Saturday, September 18th, 2021, the international “Outliers” Dance Battle will take place in Freiburg for the second time as part of the FREI ART FESTIVAL 2021.

After an incredibly energetic and great contest last year, dancers and performers of all styles and levels can compete against each other this summer - this year it is almost "back to the roots" with a unique open air feeling on our large outdoor stage on Alfred-Döblin-Platz in the Freiburg district of Vauban.


The battle of this experimental / all styles dance competition aims to break the boundaries between right and wrong by developing new and original dance concepts. The participating performers are asked to rethink existing concepts, to search for different forms of expression and movement and then to deliver them to the battleground. This is an important part of developing and promoting your own skills and creativity.


Are you ready to let your creativity run free?

Are you ready to go beyond your limits?

Are you ready to look for and develop new opportunities?


The jury is looking for the best “outliers”.

Dance Battle

Jam Session 

Freitag 17.09.2021 - ab 17 Uhr -Studio Pro Arte 
supported by Noleaderscommunity

Supported by Noleaderscommunity seid ihr eingeladen zur Frei Art Festival  Jam Session am 17.09.2021 ab 17 Uhr im Studio Pro Arte. Mit Live-Music von DJ Willy Fly (ESP) wird getanzt in allen Stilen, allen Levels. 

Freitag, 17.09.2021:


17 Uhr: Jam Session und Warm up for Iron Skulls "Sinestesia"

20 Uhr: Iron Skulls - "Sinestesia" - Dance Performance

21-22 Uhr: Jam Session mit Tänzern von Iron Skulls und Live Musik von DJ Willy Fly (ESP)

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