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Nadine Gerspacher
Workshop - Catching Limits

Datum: 08.- 09.Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 9:30 - 12:00h 

Tage:  2

Studio: Studio 1

Catching Limits

The class consists of exercises to awaken the body and generate awareness of the entire physical instrument. Attention is given to breath, joint articulation, muscle tone and stability to improve physical strength. Nadine invites students to participate in technical exercises , including floor work , games and challenging phrase composition. Students learn to activate and ground their center in a way that allows them to experience optimal freedom in their movement. Guided improvisations a games highlight the class activities to support playfulness and creativity in movement and expression. Nadine generates a warm atmosphere and inspires students to work intelligently and push the edges of their limits.


Nadine Gerspacher, works as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. She collaborates with various companies internationally and has been teaching at various training schools and universities worldwide. In 2011 she founded her own company Cia. Nadine Gerspacher and has since created numerous works that combine dance and theater in a poetic way. In 2015 she worked as a choreographer for the Cirque du Soleil. In 2020 she created the last part of her trilogy “Non-Upgraded Existence”. Before that, the first two parts “The Age of Aquarium” and “Let it Rain” followed. In addition, Nadine is co-director of the Nexo Festival together with Tina Halford. Nadine works as well as a lecturer for international workshops and is the co- director of FRE3 BODIES, a creation and performance program together with Nico Ricchini.


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