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Donnerstag, 10.09.2020 (18:00 Uhr)

To Maria,

Unknown Woman is both a realistic and an imaginary story, a collection of memories and thoughts about what has happened to an important artist within 20 years of collaboration. You and I have told each other everything in the last 20 years and have shared many significant moments together – our relationship is like a disorderly nice diary that I have to read again and again to understand the woman and the artist behind it.
We may only have understood each other in rehearsal rooms or on the stage of a theater, but how can one understand artists at all? It was only with her eyes and to follow her
possible in the heart, any other kind confuses one … I thought I understand it and in the next
For a moment I felt as if I had just met her.


The Spellbound Contemporary Ballet was founded in 1994 by the artistic director and choreographer Mauro Astolfi. Two years later, Valentina Marini joined as general manager and from then on the company was led by the management duo.

Spellbound represents today due to its distinctive style and excellent quality of the high standard of the Italian dance scene. The language of movement of the ensembles combines dance expression with constant renewal and discovery of different one’s shapes and styles.

The company, with its broad and constantly experimental repertoire, delighted its publishers already in many theaters and at renowned festivals in Italy, other countries in Europe, the United States, and Asia.