Studio 1 – 10€ / 15€
Samstag, den 12.09.2020 um 16:00 Uhr
Sonntag, den 13.09.2020 um 15:00 Uhr

This ceremony is one for the honoring of lost embraces.

Bringing about the questions of which physical and psychological sequels remain, what will be left of our humanity, of our capacity to feel, think, touch and communicate after this very special time.

A time full of uncertainties that lead us to the stormy proposal that is “RE.”, a fusion of Krump and contemporary dance.

The piece, created by Nadine Gerspacher & Arias Fernandez in collaboration with the FMR Festival Arles (France), is a poetic gift rooting for the celebration of simple victories.

Concept & idea: Nadine Gerspacher

Creation: Nadine Gerspacher & Arias Fernandez

Thanks to the support of: Nunart Guinardó Barcelona, Espai 30 Barcelona, Festival FMR Arles

Pictures & Video: Aurelie Veyrat


Nadine Gerspacher

Former dancer for Dave St. Pierre company and choreographer for ‘Heart’ by Cirque du Soleil among others. Nadine has been directing her company “Cia. Nadine Gerspacher” for over ten years, creating numerous works bringing dance and theatre together in a compelling union. Her contribution to the dance industry has led her to receive the Isadora Award from the Iwanson – Sixt Foundation in Munich. Her passion for choreography and education has led her to develop a captivating universe where artists can only thrive.

Early 2018, she created together with Nicolas Ricchini the creation and performance program FRE3 BODIES based in Barcelona. 2020 Nadine will mark the beginning of the creation of the last part of the trilogy, “Non upgraded existence”, after ¨The age of aquarium” and “Let it rain”. These 3 productions are supported by “Kulturamt Freiburg” im Breisgau and by the “LAFT,” Baden – Württemberg Association for  Contemporary Dance and Theatre. Currently, Nadine works on the piece “RE.” together with Arias Fernandez.

Arias Fernandez

is a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer specialized in Krump, born in Madrid (Spain). In 2015 he performed the project Heart, a collaboration of Cirque du Soleil and the Adria brothers choreographed by Nadine Gerspacher. He is the co-creator of the companies Aina & Arias, Bioshock, Efil, The Jokerz Company and is the director of the project OM RASA, a training method based on multiple disciplines. Arias has been collaborating as a dancer in the Cia. Nadine Gerspacher in the pieces:  “A sweet Hello” and “Ever After” (both directed by Nicolas Ricchini). He is a member of two of the most important Krump crews: Madrootz (internationally) and Titans (leaders of the Krump scene in Spain). He is also part of the very first Krump choreography Birth directed by Grichka Caruge. Arias is a reference in the Krump community internationally, judging battles and teaching workshops.

Currently, Arias works on the piece “RE.” together with Nadine Gerspacher.