Studio 1 – 30€
Samstag, den 12.09.2020 (10:00 – 13:30)

Armando teaches a two-part dance workshop using a classical ballet form, infused with contemporary movement to train a dancer’s attention to physical detail. The first part of the workshop will focus on full-body expressiveness, technical ability and confidence. The second part will be a dance creation using our collective creative ideas to move the dancers throughout the dance floor with fun, heart, and an open mind. With his motto “for all ages and all body types,” Armando always has a skillful and sensitive way of finding a suitable level for his class while finding adequate movements to challenge every dancer and consequently, motivating dancers to find and show their own expression.



Armando Braswell is a professional dancer and teacher from New York City. After receiving
his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance from The Juilliard School in 2006, Armando
danced with Ballett Theater Munich, Gauthier Dance Stuttgart and just recently completed
his final season as a soloist with Ballett Theater Basel.
Aside from his dancing career, Armando has established himself as a guest teacher in high
demand, teaching amateurs and professionals worldwide including at the Prix De Lausanne
and the Juilliard School. Armando has also choreographed for many dance and opera stages
as well as television.
In addition to his artistic activities, Armando is also active in the journalistic and social media
fields. His popular arts blog, “Interview En L’air”, has become widely known in the
international dance scene and earned him a place at “Dance For You Magazine” as a
permanent correspondent and his media company “Creative Promotional Media” has earned
him opportunities to work with clients such as Fondation Beyeler, Basellandschaftliche
Kantonal Bank and Theater Basel in Switzerland.
In 2015, Armando began to build an arts community in Basel where dancers of all levels and
all body types could train in a supportive and professional environment. This idea has since
expanded and in 2017, he and his wife Lisa founded the “Braswell Arts Center” – a space for
innovation and collaboration in all art forms located in Basel, Switzerland – and in 2019, they
officially founded the “Braswell Arts Association,” a non-profit arts organization dedicated to
support emerging and established artists. Through arts education and exchange, Armando
hopes to encourage collaboration and the creation of new works of art and to promote
networking and entrepreneurship within the local and international arts community.