Studio 2 – 10€ / 15€
Freitag, den 11.09.2020 (20:00 Uhr)
Samstag, den 12.09.2020 (18:00 Uhr)

It is a performance installation that expresses the power and beauty of the body in transformation. The body is seen as a developing algorithm that takes the place of the initiator. The performer demonstrates this practice by overloading her cognitive awareness, leaving her body to find its own path. Body Language is the result of a study on how the body can take charge, leaving us to listen to how it expresses itself. The body behaves in different ways based on its surroundings. Body Language is designed to be presented in diverse locations and situations. The goal is to discover the diverse behavioral patterns that govern the body and to explore the journey that it can take us on.

Performance by: Amy Josh
Choreography by: Edan Gorlicki


Edan Gorlicki is the choreographer and artistic director of INTER-ACTIONS Dance Company in Heidelberg. His choreographic works have been awarded the Tanz- und Theaterpreis der Stadt Stuttgart und des Landes Baden-Württemberg for 2017 & 2019. Besides his work with INTER-ACTIONS, Edan has choreographed works on numerous companies including: Random Collision, Ballett Pforzheim, NND/Galilidance, Tanzhaus Zürich, Noord Nederlandse Dans, Club Guy & Roni, OpenFLR and a production (in cooperation with the dancer Florencia Lamarca) supported by Sasha Waltz & Guests.

The philosophy of Edan’s artistic approach is based on searching the self within its surroundings. Layered, complex and thought-provoking, Edan’s work explores social, psychological and emotional realms. His body of work tackles numerous subjects such as decision making, gender and identity, privilege, communication, power and control, sexuality, fantasy, stress, addictions, belonging and perceptions. Currently, Edan is developing a Trilogy of 3 productions on the theme of collective and generational Trauma.

Amy Josh wurde 1991 geboren und wuchs in England und Kanada auf. Sie absolvierte ihre Tanzausbildung an der Arts Umbrella Dance School in Vancouver und lebt heute als Tänzerin in Mainz. Engagements führten sie unter anderem zu Noord Nederland Dans, Club Guy & Roni sowie zu tanzmainz. In den vier Jahren bei der Tanzcompany des Staatstheaters Mainz arbeitete sie mit Choreograf*innen wie Sharon Eyal, Guy & Roni, Rui Horta, Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero, Guy Nader und Maria Campos, Eleonore Valère-Lachky, Garry Stewart, Jose Navas, Jo Stromgren sowie Guiseppe Spota. Als freischaffende Tänzerin arbeitete Amy Josh unter anderem mit der serbischen Choreografin Dunja Jocic in der Produktion „The Protagonist“, die in Kooperation mit dem Korzo Den Haag entstand. Edan Gorlicki traf sie zum ersten Mal im Jahr 2011. Eine Zusammenarbeit folgte im Jahr 2013 im Rahmen des Stücks Motiv(n)ation.