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Laura Aris
Power Sources

Date: 14. - 15. Sept 2023

Time: 09:00 - 11:00 am

Days:  2

Studio: 1

Laura Aris Foto by Thibault Gregoire


As a teacher, I am committed to sharing thoughts, questions, tips, and accumulated experiences that inspire and encourage others, hoping to foster a collective artistic and intellectual curiosity. Through my years of teaching, I have learned to seek a balance between goals related to technical mastery and the individual's ability to make their own decisions, reflect deeply, rediscover, develop personalities, and encounter imaginary universes. Teaching requires a dynamic interaction between what is happening in the teacher's mind and what is happening with the group in the space. The act of teaching and my professional artistic practice have long been intertwined: they are in constant relationship and evolve together.


Laura is a performer, choreographer and recognised international dance teacher. Since 2009, she has worked as a freelance artist, developing her creative practices and collaborating with many other artists.

Former dancer at Lanònima Imperial dance company, and a member of the General Elèctrica artistic collective in several creations of Tomás Aragay (1996-99). Laura received the Lladró Award for the outstanding dancer at Festival de Valencia in 1997.

Former dancer of the Belgium company Ultima Vez, directed by Wim Vandekeybus (1999-2008). Over the past few years, she has assisted Wim Vandekeybus for several revivals and has Benn the choreographer's assistant and movement coach of several performances directed by the theatre director Ivo Van Hove.

Laura has always combined her artistic practice with a recognised pedagogical work in the international contemporary dance field.


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