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Kernel Dance Theatre
 KUNE -  Movement method

Datum: 08. & 09. Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 13:00 - 15:30h

Tage:  2

Studio: 1

Workshop description - KUNE. Movement method


KUNE is a movement and training method developed by Kernel Dance Theatre for anyone interested in movement.


This method allows us to improve self-knowledge of the body through dynamics that uses tools from dance and martial arts. The aim is to discover, research and develop our instinct, awareness and physical abilities.


In this movement method we work through partering, observation and dialogue to evolve and evaluate our body knowledge. What we want to achieve in this workshop is to be more aware of our capacities and limitations through a three-dimensional physicality that allows us to explore the body and space in multiple directions simultaneously.

About KErnel Dance Theatre


Kernel Dance Theatre is based in Barcelona and codirected by Junyi Sun, Alma Steiner and Marina Miguel, develops its own language integrating contemporary dance, martial arts and theater.


Since 2017 Kernel Dance Theatre has been collaborating with performing arts professionals such as Roberto Fratini as a dramaturgy adviser and Piero Steiner as theatrical adviser. In 2020, Mariona Signes joins the team as art director, providing her point of view from the space, costume and lighting to create, together with the company, the universes of the shows.


The company was born with the aim of making the viewer reflect and discover new points of view on the contemporaneity. At national level, the company's projects have been presented in various centers and festivals such as La Pedrera, Sismògraf, Fira Tàrrega, among others.


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