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Nico Ricchini & Jasper Narvaez

Datum: 11. Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 14:0 Uhr

Studio Pro Arte - Open-Air


Nico Ricchini & Jasper Narvaez //Open-Air Performance 

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Nico Ricchini & Jasper Narvaez


Nicolas trained in Ballet in Lyon and in Contemporary Dance in Barcelona in Varium. Over the past ten years he has worked with artists and companies such as Pepe Hevia Danza (Cuba), Fernando Madagan (Nederlands Dans Theater), Tupac Martir in London, Emma Martin Dance, Akram Khan Company for the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, La Taimada, CLOD Ensemble and Lali Ayguadé Company among others. His performance of the solo “Chotto Desh” for Akram Khan Company on a three-year international tour was a highlight of his career: a work translated in 6 languages, hosted in 85 cities and seen by more than 110,000 spectators. He has also been an actor, together with Lali Ayguadé, in the multi-award winning and Oscar nominee shortfilm “Timecode” by Juanjo Giménez.

Jasper started dancing Philippine folk dance at the Philippine High School for the Arts. He continued his training at the University of the Philippines and at the Ballet Philippines Dance School. In 2017, Jasper obtained a BFA with First-Class Honours at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has toured and performed in festivals in Europe and in Asia with AURA Dance Theatre and was the lead in Jukstapoz Company’s Fragile Matter. He has worked with choreographers Birute Letukaite, Ismael Ivo, Christine Gouzelis, Laura Aris-Alvarez, Vangelis Legakis and various independent artists in Hong Kong.



Konzept & Choreographie: Nico Ricchini & Jasper Narvaez


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