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Davide Bonetti
Workshop - Smooth Criminal

Datum: 09. - 11. Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 13:00 - 15:30h 

Tage:  3

Studio: 2

Description - Acrodance Workshop

The workshop I give can be accessible and adapted to all kinds of participants, as well as to professionals, and I think it could be useful for anyone who practices contemporary dance, has an acrobatic base, or wants to develop an organic and fluid quality of movement on the floor. The goal during the 3 days will be to learn a technical vocabulary of acrodance first and then work on the creation of sequences and movement research. in my teaching i divide acrodance in 4 levels, level 1 being floorwork; level 2 being quadrupedal or intermediate level, including shoulder rolls and break dance moves, elbows work, etc; level 3 being standing, with variations of cartwheels, passing trough handstand, etc; and level 4 being jumps and aerial figures. The work of creating sequences will consist of choosing technical elements among these 4 levels and then connecting them, working on the fluidity of movement and transitions. The movement research, on the other hand, will be based on improvisation and will leave space to the expressive and artistic universe of each participant.

Biography Davide Bonetti

Davide Bonetti, 26 years old, is a professional contemporary circus artist, more precisely an acrodancer. He started his movement practice doing parkour from 16 to 18 years old, and then got into FLIC circus school in Turin, Italy, doing handstands and acrobatics. At 21 years old, he got accepted into CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque) in Châlons en Champagne, France, where he became interested in a smoother and more organic way of doing acrobatics: acrodance. It is still a very hybrid discipline that doesn't just mix acrobatics and contemporary dance techniques, but it also takes from capoeira, floorwork, breakdance, martial arts, and other various disciplines. Since 5 years, aside from working as a freelancer for circus and dance companies, he started collaborating with dance academies, festivals and circus schools giving workshops about this discipline, very new and unexplored. He teached at festivals in Europe like the B12 (Berlin) and HJS Summer Intensive (Amsterdam) in 2022.


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