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Danae & Dyonisios

Datum: 05. - 09 Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 09.30-15.30h (mit Pause)

Tage:  5

Studio: 2

Description - Performance Project

Danae & Dionysios will share their word and experience in a 5-Days Intensive Performance Project during the Frei Art Festival in Freiburg/Merzhausen at the Studio Pro Arte Dance and Art Center.

About the Project: Danae & Dionysios will share their experience as dancers and choreographers. During the 4-Days Workshop they will practice technice, body control and improvisation technique. The aim of the workshop is to develop a short piece with the group and these outstanding dancers and performers - Danae & Dionysios.  The performance will be performed on stage during the festival

This intensive is an open level project and invites experienced dancers as well as non experienced dancers.


Danae and Dionysios are two artists from Greece. They have been collaborating since 2015 and so far they have created together four productions, "UNCIA", "ATMA", "Free At Last : Rerooted" and "Valley of the Hummingbirds". As apprentices of nature, its animals and indigenous civilisations they create stories from the side of the one who was or still is untamed. True facts and myths of tribes and wild animals which didn’t make it or didn’t adjust become the canvas of their stories. Ιn their creations they propose harmonic relationships between nature and its living beings, breaking the stereotypical hierarchy, while the dreamlike atmosphere which usually wraps their work takes the audience into a journey in space and time where it becomes a witness of a conflict between chaos and order. Trying to balance between accessible and pioneer, they support the idea that art is an accessible medium of communication which can create a dynamic yet fragile language. Their works have been presented in Europe, Asia and Central America and have received 8 awards from international institutions, while their collaborations include theatres and festivals like Onassis Foundation, Theater Rotterdam, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Athens and Epidaurus Festival and more.


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