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Arias 'Joker' Fernandez

Datum: 09.Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 09:30 - 12h

Tage:  1

Studio: 3

Discription - Krump Workshop by Arias 'Joker' Fernandez

This Krump workshop by Arias Joker is focus on the understanding and development of this style for each one of the students. Thru working on the basics and foundamentals of this culture and dance style the student will be able to keep developing Krump by themselves after this workshop. We will work on movements, feelings and how to be in a Session and understand the hype of it.


Arias Fernandez aka Joker is a pioneer of Krump Spain and leader of the movement. He’s the international representative. He has won many competitions and special awards due to his unique style and development of the character in Krump. (Krumpire 2019, FCD Awards 2018, Krumpfest 2022, etc.). He’s also a Contemporary and other styles dancer, he has a unique point of view about movement and understanding of dance.


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