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AOmaon Collectif
Workshop - Gravity On Colours

Datum: 08. Sept 2022

Uhrzeit: 09.30-12.00h 

Tage:  1

Studio: 2

Description - Contemporary & Improvisation Workshop

This session is a contemporary based style welcoming every movers to resonate and flow through movements. In this workshop, we will connect to our inner power through groove and body weight. We build our energy through improvisation tasks and creative movement phrases. Together we will play with our imagination and flow: we will open our creativity by exploring different textures and by researching our relation to gravity. By navigating through different dimensions and by nuancing our intensity, we will explore the different colours of our dance…. We will then continue this research by learning some repertoire of our new creation ‘Plague of Doubt’. In this workshop, we invite every mover and curious mind to take risks and find new patterns in their body language.

Biography Olivia & Adelie

Founded in October 2019, AOmaon Dance, is a creative collective dedicated to choreographic and visual art. AOmaon is created by two young French artists : Olivia Grassot And Adélie Lavail. They met at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (London). They discovered a mutual interest in choreography and started generating their own body language. Since then, AOmaon Dance has been invited to choreograph and to share their own practice with students from different schools around EU. AOmaon’s work has been presented on different stages around France and UK. AOmaon collective is constantly looking at exchange of ideas to push their creativity beyond its limits. This meeting point, through dance, represents a collective strength. They are looking to share a social experience and to open borders of imagination with the participants, the audience, the collaborators and the curious minds.


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